Save Money When Renting a Spot Cooler

In the summertime, wasting a ton of money on air conditioning, especially when you live in South Florida is common. Businesses and residents dread turning the cool air up in fear that their energy bill might skyrocket into the thousands. However, there is no need to spend over your budget on air conditioning cost when renting a spot cooler during the summer. A spot cooler can assist in providing a home or business with cool air during different weather conditions. Furthermore, spot coolers can save you money in a multitude of ways.

Lower Energy Cost

As mentioned, a business can spend a good amount of money on an air conditioning bill during the summer. Instead of going over your budget, consider renting a spot cooler to lower the costs. A spot cooler can be used at the same time as an air conditioner for maximum benefits. Although it might sound contradictory to save money while using a spot cooler and air conditioner, it is possible. A spot cooler allows for an air conditioner unit to run at low capacity instead of at maximum. Not having to crank the air conditioner up all the way for hours on end, businesses can save big on their energy bills for the summer. If businesses decide to turn off the air conditioner unit and use multiple spot coolers instead, this can also save money.

No Installation Required

Unlike other air conditioning units, spot coolers provide no extra hassle. Spot coolers come with the advantage of no installation fee and settings that allow them to turn off when they are not needed. Businesses can save money by not having to call in a professional to help. All it takes is a few small steps, and you are open for business.

Avoiding Potential Health Issues

Shoppers flee to stores in hopes of free cool air on hot days. Employees also enjoy the benefits of an air conditioned space in comparison to other spaces. When a shop is not kept cool during the summer, customers flee to competitor shops for the products they need. Most importantly, heat can result in potential health issues for employees and customers. Heat can cause illnesses, fainting, dehydration, and potentially death. These incidents can result in a store becoming liable for injuries. To avoid the risks of liability and illness, spot coolers can assist in keeping visitors and employees safe. These cooling units also allow shoppers to spend more time looking around and potentially purchasing more goods. A well air-conditioned shop can not only keep everyone healthy but can also increase revenue.

An Affordable Back-up

In South Florida, summers can be unpredictable. During hurricane season, businesses and residences can experience hurricane weather and blackouts often occur without notice. In these situations, air conditioning units can fail to result in businesses potentially losing sales revenue. As mentioned, customers would rather not shop in a hot store, and warm conditions can be life-threatening to employees. However, renting a spot cooler can avoid these complications and contribute to money being saved. At Cooling Power Corp, spot coolers are available for rent all year long. Businesses should consider renting spot coolers at the beginning of summer to be prepared for a multitude of potentially unexpected events.

Cooling Power Corp.

At Cooling Power Corp, we provide high-quality rental services to our clients in South Florida. We carry a variety of spot coolers in all sizes intended to meet your site needs. Our spot coolers are easy to use and have a low noise level. For more information about our spot coolers, contact us today.