Save Money with a Spot Cooler

In every business, saving money is one of the keys to success. A great way to save money, especially in a tropical region, like the greater Miami area, is with a spot cooler. Did you know a spot cooler can save you thousands of dollars but also add value by keeping customers comfortable and employees productive? On top of that, a spot cooler can also keep your business going strong in the event of a power outage or inclement weather. Compared to the cost of installing or replacing central air conditioning systems in your business, adding spot coolers offer an affordable alternative. Plus, spot coolers can be used to augment central air conditioning systems by providing cooling power where it is needed, like server rooms and data centers.

Spot Coolers Save Money – Here’s How!

Spot coolers save money in a number of ways – some expected and some unexpected. Here’s how.

  • Improve Morale and Enhance Productivity Among Employees  – Keeping your employees cool means increased morale, which translates to enhanced productivity. No one wants to work in hot, humid environment, and spot coolers can help, providing a comfortable environment for employees. Employees who are comfortable and happy work harder, are more creative, and take fewer breaks, all of which increase your business bottom line.
  • Happy, Satisfied Customers – Customers and clients have the option of choosing where to spend their hard earned money, so creating a welcoming and comfortable environment is one of the keys to your business success. Spot coolers can keep fresh, cool air coming inside and circulating, even on the hottest Miami days. Customers who are comfortable will spend more time in your business, happily spending money, and spreading the word about how great it is to shop or do business with your company. Happy, satisfied customers help your business in a number of ways including increasing your income and potential for success.
  • Keep Equipment Safe and Operational – In most businesses, there is modern technology which needs to avoid overheating which means the need to keep it cool. In your business it could be a  server room, a data center, or manufacturing equipment. Whatever the equipment, from electronics to machines, overheating can mean malfunctions, shutdowns, or breakdowns, creating a situation no business wants or needs! For areas in your business that need cool temperatures to keep computers, electronics, and machinery operating a peak efficiency, spot coolers can get the job done successfully avoiding costly damage or lost data as well as downtime which costs you money.
  • Avoid Health Consequences and Safety Issues – Having employees toil in an environment that is too hot can result in overheating, illness, fainting, dehydration, and even death. To avoid employees and possibly customers becoming ill, spot coolers can help you and your business keep everyone – employees to customers – safe and healthy even on the hottest days. In addition to keeping your business cool, spot coolers also  filter the air in your building, reducing allergens and delivering better air quality. Healthy employees and happy customers save you money!
  • Lower Costs – A portable spot cooler used alongside your central air conditioning system can lower energy costs for your business. On top of that, there is no cost to install spot coolers, which means no initial investment like the kind that comes with the installation of new central air conditioning. Plus, spot coolers come with programmable settings so you can set them for operation when your business needs it most and shut them off when they aren’t needed for even greater savings.

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