Should You Rent a Spot Cooler for a Wedding?

Should You Rent a Spot Cooler for a Wedding?

Both outdoor and indoor weddings are very popular in Summer and Spring. Whether you decide to host it in a tent, barn, or open-air, the temperature can get wild pretty quickly. Like every other wedding, the bride looks forward to being a princess on this day. As such, they want to glow as much as they can on this special day. 

To ensure they get that amazing experience, renting a spot cooler for a wedding can help. It will prevent the intense heat and humidity from ruining the wedding occasion. As you know, Florida weather can get really hot on sunny days. For more details on why you should rent a spot cooler for a wedding, read on:


Wedding Dresses Can be Very Warm


Wedding dresses can be very puffy due to the heavy layers of material that make them. Since they don’t come with inbuilt fans, the bride can feel pretty hot in them. Being the center of attention during the occasion, you need to ensure the bride feels very comfortable. And a spot cooler can do that. You can dedicate one spot cooler to keeping the bride and the groom cool throughout the occasion. Also, nobody wants to be sweaty in their wedding photos. 


Flowers Can Get Damaged


Besides the bride and the groom, flowers are also the major highlight of a wedding. They set the mood and complement the occasion to the level it deserves. Unfortunately, we use cut flowers to decorate the wedding. Therefore, they’ve lost their ability to survive in a hot environment. Leave them in the heat for a few minutes, and they will all wilt and die. 

To prevent that from happening, you can use a spot cooler to keep these flowers cool throughout the occasion. Take note, photo sessions are common at the end of the occasion. Therefore, you want the flowers to be in great shape during that time. 


The Bartender, Caterer, and Wedding Planner Will Appreciate It 


Besides flowers, certain treats or foods require a cool environment to remain fresh. Specifically, Fruit salads and fresh fruit juices will spoil in a hot environment. To avoid making people feel sick due to sour food, you can use a spot cooler. You can dedicate one to the serving area where the foods are. 


Melting Cake


Imagine a cake melting during your wedding ceremony. Well, that could steal your moment and become the talk of the town instead of you and your partner. That said, cakes need a cool environment to remain fresh and maintain shape. Even worse, if the cake melts, the bride will get heartbroken. ‘Cause, more than anyone else, they want this day to be perfect. 


Dancing Moments


While there’s amusement in dancing, it’s also a form of exercise. Therefore, from it, expect everyone to generate heat and feel sweaty. Without a cooling solution, your wedding may end after the dancing session. Luckily, you can keep your guests comfortable with a spot cooler. With the right capacity, it will eliminate the hot air from the venue and pump in cool air. 


Lastly, there’s no better way to create a cool and comfortable environment during the wedding, than with spot coolers. Renting one even makes more sense since you’ll only need it for that occasion. Therefore, if you are looking for where to get a spot cooler for your wedding, contact Cooling Power Corp. 

They’ll provide a lasting solution that will ensure the wedding runs successfully. Also, with their expertise in providing cooling solutions, they can determine the suitable capacity of the spot cooler. That said, contact Cooling Power Corp for your wedding event cooling needs.