South Florida Contingency Planning

If you are a business owner in South Florida, you need an emergency preparedness plan for your business. In nearly all circumstances this means a back-up generator to keep your business going in the event of a hurricane, tropical storm, tornado, or other emergency situation. Contingency planning is a normal part of living in beautiful South Florida, but if you’ve ever attempted to buy or rent a generator after warnings have been issues, you might find your business left wanting after the storm.

Have a Generator on Stand-by and Avoid Emergency Pricing

There is no doubt the cost of generator rental goes up in an emergency situation due to increased demand and decreased supply. By having a generator already reserved and on stand-by, you can avoid emergency pricing and keep your business running, regardless of the weather conditions. At Cooling Power Corp, you can reserve a generator prior to the beginning of hurricane season (June 1) each year. The process is simple and easy. Just deposit a reserve fee (starting at $1,000 and dependent on generator size) to secure a generator at regular prices when the need arises. Remember, if you wait until the warnings have been posted you might find no generators are available. Reserve your generator for hurricane season (June through November) before June 1 and be prepared! If you aren’t sure what type or size generator your business needs, Cooling Power Corp is ready to identify the proper generator to meet your needs in your business location.

Understanding the Type of Generator Your Business Needs

It is important to realize there are essentially two types of generators – portable and standby. In most cases, your business will need a standby generator, not a portable one. Why? Portable generators provide little power, ranging from 1kW to 3kW, while standby generators from Cooling Power Corp offer levels starting at 30kW. In addition, standby generators come equipped with automatic transfer switches which mean only seconds between power outage and the restoration of power to the building via the generator. Plus, when power is restored, the back-up generator turns off automatically, safely returning power to the original source. The more watts a generator possesses, the more power the generator provides. Cooling Power Corp offers a wide range of portable standby generators ranging from 30 kW to 2,000 kW of power.

How Much Power Does Your Business Need?

Understanding the details regarding your business location can help identify the power your company requires. You will need to know if the entire building will require power or if you will only need to keep certain areas supplied with power. Remember, more power is required to restart systems following a power failure compared to maintaining systems, so ordering a more powerful generator can avoid overloading your back-up generator.

Consider the elements which need power and are essential to your business when a power outage occurs. In most cases this includes heating, air conditioning, ventilation, lighting, servers, computers, security systems, industrial refrigerators, office equipment, pump systems, and sprinklers. Some essentials only require power during business hours while others operate 24/7.

Your locality or utility company can provide guidelines for power usage in your area, specifically the requirements regarding use of transfer switches (automatic or manual) and mechanical disconnections. Your generator needs to be installed following regulations from local utilities and local and national building and electrical codes.

Be Prepared for Power Outages with High Quality Generators from Cooling Power Corp

Cooling Power Corp has powerful, portable diesel generators available for temporary or emergency use. With a wide selection of generator sizes available, the team at Cooling Power Corp can meet your back up power requirements and special request with ease. Call today for more information and a free quote for your business.