Spot Coolers for Outdoor Party: How Much Space Can One Unit Effectively Cool Off?

Spot Coolers for Outdoor Party: How Much Space Can One Unit Effectively Cool Off?

How do you keep your guests cool and comfortable at an outdoor party on a swelteringly humid day in Florida? Adding spot coolers to your event is the best way to maintain optimal temperatures. That leads to another question: how many spot coolers do I need for an outdoor event – or rather, how much space can one spot cooler effectively cool off?

First of all, there are different sizes of spot coolers to accommodate different needs, venue size and other details. Larger 12-ton mobile units are a popular option because they offer a great deal of cooling power with one unit. The other option is to use smaller units, around 1 to 5-ton units, but then you may need several units instead of one depending on the size of your space. There are different pros and cons based on the situation, we are always happy to help you find the right option.

So, How Many Spot Coolers Do You Need?

Spot coolers are measured in tons. Generally speaking, you’ll need one ton of cooling for every 150 square feet or so. That might seem like a lot, but keep in mind tents have thin walls and a lot of air is lost as a result. Therefore, more air is needed to cool a tent compared to an indoor building that has a sophisticated insulation system. It’s always best to get a little more power than you need, as opposed to the other way around. Not having enough cool air can leave a space feeling warm and uncomfortable.

If you are hosting a tented event, the spot cooler can be housed outside using ducts to run cool air into the tent. The same concept holds true for heat as well, although, in South Florida it’s rare that you need to heat an event. 

Are Spot Coolers Easy to Move Around?

Perhaps you’re concerned about the portability of a spot cooler, what if you need to move it around to provide better air flow? That’s the great thing about our rental spot coolers. They sit on durable metal casters and are easy to move as needed. Our units are also easy to install and adjust. Therefore, you can rest assured that your party will meet all temperature requirements to keep your guests happy.

How Does a Spot Cooler Work?

Spot coolers for outdoor parties are like air conditioners for indoor spaces, and they operate in a very similar fashion. Both cooling mechanisms move heat from one space to another to generate more cold air. Air conditioners remove heat using water and coolant to drop temperatures so that when the hot air moves over a closed-loop coil packed with refrigerant, the air losses moisture and cools down. This cooler air is then released back into the space it was sucked out of at a higher temperature just moments before. The moisture that accumulates during the dehumidification process is disposed of through a system of pumps and drains. So, what’s the difference between this process and how spot coolers operate? Spot coolers are a self-contained system. HVAC interior systems have an indoor and outdoor component, while a portable spot cooler is truly the heroic one-man show.

Rent Spot Coolers from Cooling Power

Throwing an outdoor party in South Florida? You’re going to need some spot coolers to beat the heat! No need to waste money and storage space buying spot coolers. We make it affordable to rent the spot coolers you need. Contact us today for a quote or to learn more.