Spot Coolers in Data Centers

Maintaining an optimum temperature in data centers is an intricate task even for experts. And if it’s situated in a region like Florida where it’s warm throughout, it’s even harder. But even so, maintaining the computers and servers within a specific temperature range is essential. 

And any variation may cause these systems to overheat, crush and then fail. When this occurs, it’s a major blow that may require many years for a company to recover from. And that’s why Spots Coolers are essential in Data Centers. 

Benefits of Spot Coolers to a Data Center

When it comes to benefits, there are several advantages of having access to a spot cooler for a data center. For instance:

  •     Self–contained – ever seen the installation of an AC unit? Well, it can be frustrating. However, that’s not a problem with spot coolers since they’re self-contained. All you have to do is find a suitable location to place it, and then connect it to a power source. 
  •     Easy and quick installation. – you only have a short time to respond to a failing AC unit in a data center else the situation goes south. And thanks to the plugging and playing nature of the spot cooler, there will be no time to waste. 
  •     Portability – they are easy to carry or maneuver around during an emergency.
  •     Energy Efficiency
  •     Dehumidification

While you may have the best AC units in your data centers, don’t count so much on that. Oftentimes, the failure comes without warning, and this happens even on the best cooling equipment. Therefore, as the owner or manager of a data center, it pays to have a spot cooler readily available on sight. And this is where Cooling Power Corp comes in. With their reliable portable units on-site, you can respond to emergency cooling situations effectively. 

Reasons you Need Spot Coolers in Data Centers 

  •     Emergency Cooling Solution

Use them during an emergency when your primary AC is failing or needs quick maintenance. Since disconnecting the AC unit is important during maintenance, your servers or computers will be left vulnerable. And that’s why you need spots coolers as an emergency response to prevent costly damages due to system overheating.  

  •     Temporary Cooling 

Also, you will need spot coolers during server and computer maintenance. Oftentimes, maintaining a server involves diverting all its functions to another. To prevent this server from heating up due to system overload, a spot cooler will be helpful. It will enhance the cooling process and enable this server to hold on until the maintenance is over. 

  •     Supplemental Cooling

While you can use spot coolers during maintenance or emergencies, it’s also a good supplement for a healthy AC unit. If you identify areas in the data center with intense heat, you can install a spot cooler to supplement cooling. Alternatively, you can use it on particular equipment that needs more cooling. 

Final Take 

With all that info on why you need spot coolers in data centers, are you ready to equip your facility? Well, prevention is better than cure as they say. And in this case, you can prevent extreme data loss which can cause huge losses for the company. While buying one ensures the availability of this equipment at sight, it’s a huge investment that may cost a lot. 

What’s more, you’ll also need experts to maintain it all the time. Luckily you can contact Cooling Power Corp in the South Florida, Miami area, and rent this equipment at a good rate. This will save you from both significant losses in the company due to system failure because of heat, and maintenance costs.