The Importance of Clean Air in the Office

The Importance of Clean Air in the Office

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, as employees begin to make their way back to work, providing clean air quality will ensure safety. With most people being hyperaware of the importance of clean air, providing a properly ventilated office will put employees at ease. It is not enough to only clean and disinfect your office, but improving ventilation is also necessary since the coronavirus and other viruses contains airborne properties.

At Cooling Power Corp clean air equipment is ready to rent. The HEPA-filtered equipment and Negative Air Machines assists in providing clean air to improve indoor conditions. Provide a safe place for your employees free from harmful contaminants. When you use clean air equipment from Cooling Power Corp you can provide your employees with clean air and assist in enhancing their health.

Bad Indoor Air Quality Signs

While indoor air conditions might seem better than outdoor pollution conditions, this is not always the case. Horrible air conditions can occur indoors, and with poor ventilation, employees can get sick or have a sudden onset of symptoms that can result in them being unproductive or absent. Not everyone reacts the same to air quality conditions. However, if you have employees who are more sensitive to poor air quality, they might be showing a few symptoms. These symptoms include headaches, sneezing, watery and irritated eyes, congestion, fatigue, coughing, and more. Furthermore, when clean air is not provided, air quality conditions can result in health effects, such as asthma, rashes, sinus infections, nausea, and more. To avoid the office becoming intolerable for your employees, put their health and safety first by investing in quality ventilation.

What Causes Poor Air Quality?

There is more to be aware of than clean air quality in the era of COVID-19 to avoid the spread of the virus. Indoor air can become polluted by harmful substances, such as cigarette smoke, dust, mold and mildew, chemical pollutants, and more. When it comes to a business office, dust and mold are your biggest concerns. Without proper ventilation, moisture can cause mold to grow and dust to circulate. When the AC unit is used, these pollutants can be unnoticeably blown around the office.

How to Avoid Poor Air Quality

When it comes to improving indoor air quality, there are a few solutions to consider. The easiest solution is to keep a clean workplace. A clean office results in lower amounts of mold and dust that can easily spread. Changing HVAC systems regularly can ensure dust is not building up and circulating back into the indoor environment. Most importantly, having proper ventilation and ensuring air vents are not blocked is beneficial.

Negative Air Machines

Protecting employees and prioritizing health are vital during the ongoing pandemic. Cooling Power Corp offers HEPA-filtered negative air machines for rent. Improve your indoor office space and ensure safety by using a HEPA machine to protect employers from airborne contaminants. These high-quality machines create negative pressure and prevent airborne particles from flowing throughout your office. Negative Air Machines offer reliability for employers for maximum safety. Cooling Power Corps filters provide 99.97 percent or higher efficiency for 0.3-micron particles. Negative Air Machines are a sufficient way to remove pollutants from the air as they do not only help protect employees from the coronavirus but also other bacteria, viruses, fungi, and allergens. Elimination of unpleasant odors is also possible with the high-quality machinery carbon filter. At Cooling Air Corp, you are guaranteed to find a Negative Air Machine right for your office. With a portable option available, accessibility to the machines is made easy.