It’s Time to Set Up Your 2018 Hurricane Generator Plan

Do you have your 2018 hurricane generator plan in place? If not, how do you plan to keep the power on in a hurricane or other emergency? Without power, businesses are at risk of data loss, security breaches, and so forth.

The #1 Thing Every Emergency Preparedness Plan Needs

Generators go fast in an emergency, that’s because they are key to maintaining any sense of normalcy during a major power outage. A generator can save you a substantial amount of money. After all, they offer the only way to keep your business up and running when the main power grid shuts down. Within days of an approaching hurricane or major storm, every generator in town is either accounted for or insanely expensive. It doesn’t have to be that way for you.

We offer contingency plans to ensure you have the right equipment during the next power outage. For a minimal fee, you can reserve a generator for hurricane season. In return, you never pay the inflated emergency surcharge for generators.

The Importance of Hurricane Preparedness Plans for Nursing Homes in Florida

Last year, Florida Governor Rick Scott instituted an emergency rule that mandated all nursing homes and assisted living institutions in the state “obtain ample resources, including a generator and the appropriate amount of fuel, to sustain operations and maintain comfortable temperatures for at least 96 hours following a power outage.”

His new rules were implemented in response to the senseless tragedy that unfolded at the Rehabilitation Center of Hollywood Hills in Hollywood, Florida.  Here, eight residents sadly passed away after a portable air conditioning system stopped working following Hurricane Irma. By regulating the availability of generators for nursing homes and assisted living facilities, the hope is that something preventable like this never happens again.

Emergency preparedness plans are crucial to protecting patients at elderly homes and hospitals, but they are many other industries that also stand to lose a lot during a power outage. No matter what type of business you operate, a hurricane offers money-saving benefits, peace of mind, and so much more.

Why Can’t I Rent a Generator When the Hurricane is on its Way?

There are warning systems in place to alert us of approaching hurricanes well before they reach Florida’s coast. You might have an entire week to plan for a hurricane, but after the warnings sound, generators are already in high demand and low supply. As a result, prices are driven way way up. If you do find an available generator, get ready to pay a steep rental fee.

By preordering a generator, you can rest assured that the proper size generator and necessary accessories are reserved for you and set up ahead of the storm. There’s always the option to install generators with an automatic transfer switch, which allows the generator to automatically turn on when the normal power grid goes out.

Tips for Successful Emergency Generator Plan

  • Make sure the generator is set up in a safe and sheltered location where it is protected against potential storm damage. There are generator enclosures rated for up to 150 mph winds.
  • Have enough fuel on site to refuel over an extended period.
  • Make sure standby generators are properly maintained, regularly used, and supplied with clean fuel.
  • Have the generator set up and ready to go prior to the storm.

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Like insurance, a generator can save you from all kinds of issues and monetary damages in an emergency. In some cases, a generator could even safe your life. Learn more about Emergency Planning with Cooling Power.