Tips To Protect Your Miami Business In a Power Outage

Tips To Protect Your Miami Business In a Power Outage

Miami business owners can’t help but feel concerned about the detriments of power outages resulting from thunderstorms and hurricanes. Whether a big or small business, power outages can hamper the ability to function optimally and keep your services up. Suppose your employees are stranded at work without power, or your entire network shuts down due to inadequate power supply. In that case, your business may incur exponential losses – which is never a good option!

In addition to compromising the safety of your employees, power outages mean lost productivity, customers, and valuable clients. Fortunately, there are various ways to prepare for an unplanned outage and ensure your business continues running smoothly. With these tips, you can minimize the impact of a power outage on your Miami business. 

Get a Backup Generator

Incorporate a backup generator in your business continuity plan. Ensure you pre-order a backup generator to avoid long queues during a storm. When the power goes out, power supply equipment is in high demand as everyone from small businesses to warehouses try to get their hands on them. 

As demand for power supply equipment soars, inventory decreases, and prices increase. To avoid a high surcharge for last-minute bookings, ensure that you always have a backup generator in place. In other words, if you reserve a backup generator ahead of time, you will save money and time in the event of a power outage. 

Create a Power Outage Plan

Along with power backup equipment, you will need a detailed outage plan encompassing all major utilities, electrical systems, and sensitive devices. You should communicate with your employees and discuss vital steps during a power outage. The safety of your employees should be the top priority in your power outage plan, followed by measures to secure critical data. You should appoint experienced personnel to take charge during an emergency. These designated individuals can ensure all the necessary steps are followed during a power outage. 

Get Cloud Backup and Recovery

Automatic cloud backup and recovery solutions can go a long way to secure your data and keep your business running smoothly. You risk losing data in a power outage if one or more of your network components fail. To avoid this predicament, be sure to host your data on a reliable cloud server and opt for recovery. If your critical data is saved off-shore, it will remain safe and recoverable even if your on-site network goes down. 

Add UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies)

If you want to maintain a constant power supply to your business, an Uninterruptible Power Supply is your best bet. These devices are meant to instantly restore power to your grid when the power goes out. A UPS is a short-term solution and not meant to replace power backup equipment. You will still need generators or batteries to power your office’s lights, cooling, and ventilation. 

Use Surge Protectors

A surge is a sudden change in electrical voltage that can damage sensitive electronic devices like computers, modems, and more. Without adequate surge protection, these devices are at risk of failure during a storm. Sudden voltage changes can corrupt these devices or, worse, result in data loss. A surge protector will smooth out spikes or dips in the voltage supply and keep your equipment safe during storms. 

Natural disasters are unpredictable, so you should always stay prepared if you run a business in Miami. Knowing your next step in a power outage will help you keep your employees and critical data safe. If you wish to build an efficient power outage plan for your business or need backup power equipment like generators, contact Cooling Power Corp today!