Valuable Benefits Of Server Room Air Conditioners

Server room portable air conditioners offer an economical option to keeping server rooms at a safe temperature. Servers will overheat and fail if they are not kept in a cool room.

Servers generate a lot of heat, far more heat than they can sustain. This is where the importance of a strong AC system kicks in. Otherwise the equipment is put under a lot of stress and has an increased risk for crashing, random reboots, poor performance and complete break down of equipment.

Servers are far from cheap and the information they are tasked with storing and transmitting is vital to your business. You can help protect this valuable equipment with server room air conditioners.

When Your Central AC System Doesn’t Do The Trick

For the most part, traditional AC systems do not have the necessary power to keep server rooms at a comfortable and safe temperature. In order to add an additional central AC system capable of cooling down a server room you’d have to spend a fortune. A portable server room air conditioner provides a far more affordable option, granting you full control of the climate inside your server room.

9 Benefits Of Portable AC Units

1. Portable units can be placed wherever they are needed most. That means you can strategically plant them around the room wherever it’s hottest. Spot cooling is one of the greatest advantages to portable AC units.

2. Add more servers as needed without fear the room will overheat. It’s very simple to add an additional portable AC unit if needed.

3. Use it during the day and night without the need to turn on building-wide cooling systems. This could save you a considerable amount of money in energy costs.

4. Automatic restart function ensures that your unit is constantly running even if there is a power outage. Even when central cooling is unavailable, your portable AC remains safe and operational.

5. You can easily change the temperature settings directly on the unit based upon seasonal temperatures and other factors.

6. A portable AC unit is safer than a window unit because it doesn’t require the window to be opened, thus reducing security risks.

7. Portable air conditioners operate as dehumidifiers, another important component to operating a safe server room. Servers need low humidity levels in order to prevent moisture damage. Your portable AC unit acts as a dehumidifier, actively removing moisture and collecting condensation in a bucket or condensation tank.

8. Portable units can be easily moved right alongside servers if you need to switch which room you’re using as the designated server room.

9. Portable AC units provide necessary ventilation to server rooms. You can increase ventilation by adding a drop ceiling vent kit that connects to the exhaust port of the AC and then to an outflow air vent near the ceiling. This also prevents the possibility that a portable AC adds extra heat to the room.

How Much Cooling Power Does Your Server Room Require?

Identifying the BTU output needed to efficiently control temperatures in your server room is adamant. We are happy to help you identify exactly what you need for the greatest results, efficiency and affordability.

Finding the right BTU output starts with identifying the square footage of your server room. If you don’t know off the top of your head, simply multiply the length of the room by the width of the room and add 6,000. The additional 6,000 accounts for the substantial heat generated by servers. The final number is a good starting point for identifying the unit with the appropriate BTU output.

No matter how many AC units you have in one room or what size they are, hook them up to a different power source than the servers. This greatly reduces the risk of overloading the circuit and causing a blow out.

Server rooms offer businesses a way to protect and secure computer equipment. Having servers on hand allows authorized maintenance the opportunity to access terminals as needed, it also simplifies making changes to the configuration of the machines. Portable AC units can help protect your server room today and long into the future.