Water Cooled Vs. Air Cooled Spot Coolers: Which Is Right For You?

Depending upon the average temperature and your access to water hook ups, a water cooled or air cooled spot cooler may be the best option for you.

But, what are the differences between a water-cooled and air-cooled spot cooler? We offer both types of spot coolers so we get this question a lot. The simplest way to explain the differences is that areas that experience very high temperatures do better with a water cooled spot cooler, while more moderate conditions do well with air cooled spot coolers.    

There are two main ways a spot cooler eliminates heat removed from the room. It either blows air over the evaporator coil (air cooled), or runs water over the evaporator coil (water cooled).  Each serves a unique purpose, so it’s important to identify which is best for you.

Do You Need A Water Cooled Spot Cooler?

Water cooled spot coolers are generally more common in locations with high ambient heat. They need to be connected with a water source, such as a sink or hose bib, and require a drain, making them less portable than air cooled spot coolers. There are hose kits available that’ll make it easy to install the system and connect it to an appropriate water source. 

If temperatures exceed 115 °F, you need a water cooled spot cooler to efficiently cool the room off. If temperatures frequently exceed 100 °F you may want to consider adding a water cooled system, as it will work more efficiently. Although, if hooking up to a water source presents an issue you can still get around it and use an air cooled system.

Or, Do You Need An Air Cooled Spot Cooler?

Air cooled spot coolers run air over the coils as opposed to water, therefore they do not need to be hooked up to a water source. This makes them far more flexible in regards to where they can be set up. Air cooled spot coolers work best in areas that do not regularly exceed 100 °F. They are not quite as powerful as water-cooled systems, but they remain highly effective in areas that do not get overly hot.

Spot Cooler Vs. Central AC

Spot coolers are designed to cool a room or designated area of a building, while central AC systems are designed to cool off an entire building at once. Air coolers work similarly to central AC systems in that the warm air passes over the evaporator where it is cooled and excess water is captured. The coiled evaporator then channels cool air through a nozzle that captures excess water and drains it away. The nozzle on a spot cooler is focused on air from one area.

One main difference between central AC systems and a spot cooler is that the condenser and evaporator are located within the same unit. In a central AC, these two components are housed separately with the condenser located outside of the home and the actual AC located inside of the home.

Due to these differences, a spot cooler works slightly different. Spot coolers continually cool the same air until it reaches the set temperature. A central AC system actually takes hot air and pumps it outside while drawing in cool air.

Both spot coolers and central AC systems effectively cool off a space while keeping a fresh supply of air circulating throughout. Spot coolers offer a more affordable option than central AC systems and don’t require the same extensive installation process. Spot coolers are often used in conjunction with central AC.

What Makes Our Spot Coolers Cooler Than The Competition?

-Our spot coolers are low profile with a sound level of just 55 dB(A). That means they are very quiet and perfect for office settings.

-Our units have heavy-duty casters that make them very easy to move from one location to another.

-User-friendly design makes them easy to install even if you have no previous experience doing so.

-We have a wide variety of spot coolers ranging between 1 ton and 12 tons in order to meet your site needs, big or small. 

-It’s very easy to control the temperature settings and use the preset automatic options. 

Need help determining the right spot cooler for your office, event or home? Contact us today and we are happy to help assist in the rental or purchase of a top-notch spot cooler that works best for you.