Ways to Protect Businesses from Power Outages

Power outages never happen at a convenient time, especially for businesses, where they can cause significant disruption by bringing work to a halt, shutting down equipment, and leaving everyone scratching their heads as to what to do next. Emergency planning in your business is an important part of good management. Power outages are one of the most common emergencies to be prepared for. Storms, accidents, or the simple aging and wear and tear of equipment can all knock South Florida businesses off the power grid. Here are some ways you can prepare for power outages and keep your business safe until the power is restored.

Plan Ahead

It is important to plan for an outage. Come up with a step-by-step plan on how to deal with power outages, including which technology practices you will implement. Go a step further to make sure you test your plan ahead of time to be sure everything is in perfect working order. Making sure that everybody knows what to do and is on the same page during an outage will enable operations to run smoothly. Developing a business emergency plan can keep your employees and customers safe. 

Pre Order a Generator

If you have ever tried to order a generator during an emergency or a large-scale power outage, you realize that it is nearly impossible to get one unless you are among the first people to call. When the electricity goes out, every single business and residence in the city wants a generator, which means these things sell quickly. As demand rises, supply falls and prices skyrocket. You might be surprised to learn how much of a surcharge there is for renting a generator at the last second during an emergency.

Have a Backup Generator in Place

Ensure your backup generator is fueled and ready to go. A backup generator could provide enough power to keep your business running. This type of generator is typically powered by a fuel such as natural gas. They come in a variety of sizes and power capacities to suit the needs of most businesses. Some generators generate enough electricity to power only the most important functions, whereas others can power the entire building for extended periods. You can talk to Cooling Power Corp. experts in South Florida to determine the type of generator you require.

Get a Cloud Backup and Recovery Solution

In the event of a power outage, all of the data running through your devices are at risk of being lost. If all of your data is automatically synced with a cloud server of some kind, you can make sure that everything is backed up even if the information is lost due to structural damage. Furthermore, storing everything in the cloud enables team members to access data and files on their 4g enabled devices via Office 365 or Google Apps.

Installing an Interruptible Power Supply (UPS)

The run time and price of UPSs vary. Keeping your computer running for an extended time is not usually your goal. Uninterruptible Power Supplies are most useful when the power goes out, then back on, then off, then back on. These power fluctuations are commonly the source of the most damage to your hardware. Having even a basic UPS will provide adequate protection against this type of attack.

Call Cooling Power Corp

Do not let an outage catch you off guard with no plan. Cooling Power Corp prepares South Florida business owners on how to deal with power outages effectively. After an expected power outage and you need a generator, call Cooling Corp in the Miami area. Our Cooling Power Corp. experts are ready to assist.