Wedding Planning – The Tent Wedding

For an outdoor tent wedding in South Florida, there are several important items you’ll want to include in your planning. A outdoor wedding can be beautiful, the stuff of dreams, provided the bride and groom remember these crucial tips for a perfect outdoor wedding day. Here the team at Cooling Power Corp offers these helpful hints to help brides and grooms remember the fundamental requirements for the tent wedding of their dreams in sunny South Florida.

Supply Power with Generators

Your big day of celebration is going to need a power supply, right? Even at venues fully equipped with power, you’ll want to secure a reliable generator to power the lighting, cooling, music, cooking equipment, food heaters, the bar, and more in the tent. Checking in with all your vendors can ensure you meet their power requirements with a generator or two, so all goes as anticipated on the big day.

Say Yes to Portable Air Conditioning

In South Florida, you are going to want portable air conditioning for your tents. Even during those times when outdoor temperatures are cooler, getting everyone together within the tent can bring a upward spike in temperature. With a variety of water-cooled and air-cooled spot coolers, you can find the ideal option to keep you and your wedding guests comfortable and your food and beverages safe for everyone to enjoy. Of course, portable air conditioning will also keep your gorgeous flowers and your wedding cake looking their best through the ceremony and the celebration that follows.

Is Tent Flooring a Must?

Tent flooring is available, though it does add an additional expense to your overall wedding budget. Whether or not you need tent flooring depends on your venue and other factors. If your wedding is being held on the beach, you might not need tent flooring as guests will already be prepared for the sand. On the other hand, if your wedding tent will be set up in natural grassy area and showers have been prevalent before your big event, wedding flooring will keep guests in heels from sinking into the grass and the dirt beneath. Whatever you decide, make it clear to your guests, so they can plan their ensemble with the proper shoes in mind.

Securing the Right Lighting

In most cases, you will need lighting at some point on your special day. If your celebration will continue until after dark, you want great lighting to keep the party going and aid your photographer and videographer in recording the special moments and all the priceless memories being made.

Designated Parking

Regardless of the length of your guest lists, you’ll want to ensure adequate parking for all in attendance. The designated parking area should be well lit so guests can safely and easily return to their vehicles after the celebration. A quick review of your guest list can help you closely estimate the number of parking spaces you will need.

Let’s Talk Trash and Restrooms

While trash and restrooms aren’t nearly as romantic as discussing wedding cakes and floral arrangements, providing waste management is key to a successful event. Trashcans are needed to keep your wedding tent free from waste (food, beverages, snacks, and more). Trash and recycling bins should be places in convenient locations, but not on areas where they may interfere with your candid wedding photos. Restrooms should be located in close proximity to the wedding tent which in most cases means adding port-a-potties to your planning list.

Call on Cooling Power Corp

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