What if My Spot Cooler isn’t Keeping Cool Enough?

What if My Spot Cooler isn’t Keeping Cool Enough?

Spot coolers are an amazing cooling device that homeowners and businesses can use for creating a cool atmosphere during summer’s hot and humid months. Spot coolers can be rented from organizations like Cooling Power Corp. for special events. Cooling Power Corp. also offers scheduled maintenance for spot coolers. Here are several reasons why spot coolers don’t cool enough for businesses and homes.

Reasons for Spot Cooler Not Cooling

  • Air Filters Require Replacement: Cooling Power Corp. offers timely and routine maintenance for spot coolers. When homeowners or businesses require routine maintenance, they can contact the company to repair or replace the air filters in spot coolers.
  • Maintain Hygiene and Cleanliness in Spot Coolers: Cleaning a spot cooler is a tedious task. Businesses and homeowners can choose professional advice and top services to maintain and clean their spot coolers whenever routine maintenance is due. Homeowners can also contact Cooling Power Corp. to get well-maintained spot coolers on rent.
  • Ensure There Is No Blockage in The Air Vent: Homeowners and businesses must ensure there are no blockages in the cooler’s air vent. This will obstruct the spot cooler from cooling well. Customers can contact Cooling Power Corp. for repair and maintenance of spot coolers. These are additional services apart from renting spot coolers.
  • The Evaporator Fan Malfunction: If the spot cooler is not cooling, there is a chance the fan of the spot cooler has a frozen coil which prevents it from cooling enough. Businesses and homeowners can contact Cooling Power Corp. to ensure the coil is repaired or replaced as per the requirement.
  • Replace and Check Cooling Pads: While running a spot cooler if homeowners or businesses discover any odor in the cooling pad, this could mean issues in the cooling pad and seeking a replacement for the spot cooler to function appropriately. The process starts with the removal of the side panel to dislodge any kind of dust. If there is wear and tear in the cooling pad, the cooling capacity goes down.
  • Check for Leakage in Spot Cooler Pump and Pipes: Businesses and homeowners should conduct a thorough investigation for potential leakage in pipes and the pump which can affect and reduce the cooling capacity of spot coolers. This will not be rectified until the leaking pipe is replaced. Businesses and Homeowners can contact Cooling Power Corp. for top quality spot coolers on rent if their appliances are no longer functional.
  • Keep Fan Blades Under Check: Homeowners and business owners should ensure fan blades are maintained well and are kept corrosion-free. Keeping the fan blades in check also helps eradicate noise pollution.
  • Fill the Spot Cooler Water Tank to Cool The Room: Once the spot cooler is being used frequently, it is important to refill the tank so that commercial and residential customers can continue to cool their rooms fast. Many spot coolers provide an option of adding ice to the cooler to enable greater cooling potential.
  • Allow Spot Coolers to Cross Ventilate: Whenever coolers cool the rooms, cross ventilation assists in cooling rooms faster. This not only saves energy but keeps the room cool for long hours. Homeowners and businesses should place spot coolers appropriately to cross-ventilate their rooms effectively.

Cool Air Is Just A Click Away

Homeowners can contact Cooling Power Corp. to understand more about the functioning and usage of spot coolers. The company provides an exhaustive list of tips to improve cooling from spot coolers. These tips are essential to improve the cooling capacity of these coolers. Cooling Power Corp. rents spot coolers to homeowners and businesses for outdoor events, as well as server rooms, and more. They can also provide professional recommendations about which spot cooler to use for cooling various rooms in the business or in the home.