What Kind of Spot Cooler is Best?

What Kind of Spot Cooler is Best?

Spot coolers are portable air conditioning systems which, though self-contained, offer all the significant components of their larger stationary counterparts. Spot coolers are compact, easily moved from room to room and placed where needed in your business, cooling hot spots or areas which need consistent temperature control or providing cooling during an outage or maintenance of your main air conditioning system.

Spot coolers work as the ambient air is drawn through the air return and either passed above the refrigerant filled, evaporator coil or over running water being passed over the coil. The result, the air temperature and humidity are reduced, and the newly cooled air is pumped though the supply back into your space. Most spot cooling units allow your to control where the air is directed through adjustable supplies. The condensation produced is drained through a condensation hose outside or into a container, which when full, shuts the spot cooler off. The cooling power of a spot cooler is ideal for server rooms or other areas which need consistent temperature and humidity control.

Air-Cooled versus Water-Cooler Spot Coolers

Spot coolers are available in two types – air-cooled spot coolers and water-cooled spot coolers. Air-cooled spot coolers direct air over the refrigerant filled coil while water-cooled units do the job of cooling as water flows over the coil. Both, in their unique processes, cool the air and lower the humidity in the space they occupy.

Air-cooled spot coolers are the more common choice and the more portable of the two. These units permit flexibility with a number of unique options. Installation of air-cooled spot coolers is faster and easier as they require not water source, but simply plug into the wall outlet, extract the hot, humid air and supplying cooler, dehumidified air in return. Air-cooled spot coolers are best suited for areas in which moderate temperature control is required and temperatures do not exceed 100 °F.

Water-cooled spot coolers require a water source, which means they have less portability and flexibility regarding placement in your business. The water source can be a hose bibb or sink, and water-cooled units require access to a drain. Hose kits can make the installation effective and easy. Water-cooled spot coolers are best suited for higher heat areas of your company, particularly areas which temperatures exceed 100°F. Water-cooled spot coolers can be placed near the heat source to work more efficiently and deliver the needed colder air to the space.

Applications of Spot-Cooler Systems

Spot coolers are most often used to supplement existing air conditioning systems in your business. They balance temperatures and cool hot spots effectively. Spot coolers are also common in properties without central air conditioning as well as facilities like warehouse, distribution centers, production facilities, and assembly lines. They are quite effective in cooling data centers as well as server rooms. Spot coolers are ideal for dehumidifying as well as cooling in areas which comfort and productivity need to be maintained along with product integrity.

Spot coolers can also be effective outside, for sporting events, as well as special events like weddings, receptions, and parties. They are also used in emergency situations, aiding firefighters and first responders, drying and dehumidifying property following natural disaster like hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods.

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