What Size Spot Cooler Do You Need?

For your business, keeping employees and customers comfortable and equipment and machinery operational is crucial for production and overall success. Adding a spot cooler to your space my be the ideal solution, the question is what size spot cooler do you need? The fact is you have to choose a spot cooler the right size for your space in order for it to work effectively. Determining the size you need can be challenging, and that when you need the expert team at Cooling Power Corp. to help. Cooling Power Corp has the experience and knowledge to help you identify the spot cooler you need to produce the results you desire.

The Spot Cooler

Simply stated, a spot cooler is a portable air-conditioning unit. Choosing the right size spot cooler for your space results in a cost-effective method of keeping your space cool and comfortable. Spot coolers are most popular in cooling hot spots, like equipment or server rooms, which need to maintain a consistent temperature while not overheating. One of the great attributes of spot coolers is they can be repositioned and even moved room to room as needed. Often utilities cannot provide all the power a hospital, manufacturing plant, lab, office, or other facility needs. Spot coolers offer an economical solution for spaces without sufficient air-conditioning and promise to keep those spaces cool. Plus, spot coolers are the ideal backup should your business’ AC fail or lose power. Spot coolers are affordable and able to handle all your cooling issues.

Spot Cooler Sizes

Spot coolers come in a variety of sizes ranging from a single ton up to five tons, the equivalent of 12,000 BTU to 60,000 BTU, respectively. Keep in mind the size in tonnage or the BTUs do not describe the weight or size of the unit, but the heat load the unit is capable of handling. For example, a spot cooler between 10,000 BTU and 14,000 BTU provides sufficient cooling for up to two people. In a space where the temperature can be quite high, over 105°F, a powerful 34,000 BTU spot cooler would be needed. Multiple units may be needed to vent and cool large industrial spaces – equipment rooms, server rooms, conveyor belts, manufacturing facilities, relief stations, and event grandstands.

What Size Do You Need?

Every situation is unique when determining what size and even how many spot coolers your business needs. Here are the factors you need to consider when determining your spot cooler needs.

  • The Size of Your Space – Are you hoping to cool a small computer room, a massive office space, an equipment room, an event venue? Whatever the space, you’ll need to determine the square footage by measuring the length and width and multiplying. Ceiling height can also be a factor, as a room with an eight-foot ceiling will have different cooling requirements than a space with 20-foot ceilings.
  • The Space’s Environment – Is the space you are cooling a construction area, an event tent, a conference room, or a server room? Spot cooling needs will vary widely for a room surrounded by air-conditioned spaces to a space that is a construction zone.
  • Who or What is Being Cooled – Keeping people cooled versus keeping equipment cooled means different spot cooler requirements. If the space to be cooled is filled with equipment or computers, you can simply calculate the BTU needed with one of these formulas: (Total watts (servers and equipment)) x 3.4 = BTU or (Volts x Amps of all servers and equipment) x 3.4 = BTU. For people, the calculations are a bit more complex, but the team at Cooling Power are ready to help.
  • Space for the Spot Coolers – Spot coolers need space which includes ventilation without obstruction. Whether the unit will be located indoors or outdoors is also a consideration to ensure you get the right spot cooler to meet your needs.

Now you know how to determine the size spot cooler you need, and Cooling Power Corp is standing by to meet your cooling needs.