Why Rent a Backup Generator

Nowadays, electricity is essential for both residential and commercial use. For some businesses e.g. a production company, a power outage means an instant halt in their operations. In hospitals or medical facilities, a power outage is life-threatening, especially if a patient is in ICU. For that reason, having a backup generator is vital. Speaking of that, here are more reasons why you should rent a backup generator:


No Cost of Maintenance 


When you own a backup generator, it means the cost of maintenance is on your tab. That is, you’ll have to hire a technician who will monitor and service it. As such, the cost of labor in your business will increase. But when you rent a backup generator, you can rule out the cost of labor. 

And this is because the rental company makes it available when you need it. Also, you don’t have to worry about maintenance costs, because the rental company covers them including the technician fee.   




One of the incredible benefits of renting the backup generator is flexibility. Depending on the size of your business, you can choose a size that will accommodate its power needs. But that’s not all, as your business scales up, you can also rent bigger generators next time you need them. However, when you buy one, it means you’ll need a new generator when your business power needs to grow. 




Buying a new generator is quite an investment your business might not be ready to support. However, you can still access the convenience of having a backup generator by renting one. It’s cheaper and provides you with a range of options when choosing the model and power capacity. Further, you’ll also save more since you’ll not incur the cost of maintenance, transportation, and storage. 


Field Services


Depending on the rental company you’re working with, you will receive field service. That means if the generator needs services, the rental company will send their technician to come up and fix it. And most importantly, the technicians are always on standby in case you need them. 


No need for Insurance or Warranty


Since a generator is a major investment worth thousands of dollars, having insurance cover and warranty makes sense. However, they only increase the cost of running your business, especially paying for insurance cover. On the other hand, if you rent it, you’ll not have to pay for insurance cover or even need a warranty. The rental company will take care of the generator insurance, and your cost is only the rental fee. Also, their policy covers you in case the generator fails or malfunctions while in your possession. 


Quick Response to Disasters


Through renting you can respond to disasters adequately, especially those that involve power outages. For instance, a fire may break out at the company destroying your power source. But through renting a generator, you can immediately restore power and resume operations as you fix the issue. 

While hospitals have a backup power generator, some disasters like flooding can destroy them. However, through rental, they can restore power at the hospital and continue saving lives. 

Getting Started 

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