Winter Emergency Checklist

Living in South Florida, Miami Area means being prepared in case the hurricane hits. While that’s so, many people rush in to get all they need before the storm at the last minute. Without having a plan, some people end up with a chunk of what’s not necessary and fail to secure basic items. To save you from these headaches and inconvenience, here’s a winter emergency checklist for early and adequate preparation: 


  •     Your Home: Secure the windows and doors. If possible, use strong weatherproof panels to cover windows and add stronger locks on your door and window. 
  •     Safe Room: Do you have a safe room in your home? If you have, is it in good shape for occupation?
  •     Have cash: Oftentimes ATMs and banks will be out of service.

Hurricane Kit

  •     Secure extra bulbs and enough flashlights
  •     Heavy gloves
  •     Extra blankets
  •     Clean clothes
  •     Matches
  •     Scissors
  •     Different sizes of batteries
  •     Fire Extinguishers
  •     Battery-operated radio
  •     Plastic garbage bags
  •     Clock – it can be battery or wind-up powered
  •     Rain Gear
  •     Duct Tape

Medical Emergency Kit

  •     First Aid Kit
  •     Medical Prescriptions
  •     Q-Tips
  •     Cotton Balls
  •     Laxative
  •     Antacid
  •     Anti-diarrheal medicine
  •     Aspirin or any other painkiller pills
  •     Sunscreen
  •     Latex Gloves
  •     Soap
  •     Safety Pins
  •     Petroleum Jelly
  •     Thermometer
  •     Antiseptic
  •     Sewing Needle
  •     Tweezers
  •     Triangular bandage 
  •     Sterile gauze pads
  •     Adhesive tape, the hypoallergenic variety
  •     First Aid Manual 

Vital Documents

All the documents under this category must be kept in a secure and waterproof storage container.  

  •     Insurance cards
  •     Will copy
  •     Medication information 
  •     Pet service ID, proof of ownership, veterinary records, 
  •     Property deeds
  •     Academic certificates
  •     Birth certificates
  •     Bank numbers
  •     Medical records
  •     Credit card numbers
  •     Social security card copy

Pet Care

If you have a pet, then you will need to have the following items:

  •     Animal basic supplies
  •     Medications
  •     Eating and drinking bowl
  •     Leash and muzzle
  •     Animal cage or carrier
  •     Microchip
  •     Proper identification
  •     Animal food plus water 


  •     You should have both rain gear and seasonal clothes with you. In addition, get boots or shoes. 

Special Needs Products

  •     If you have infants, elderly, children, or persons with disabilities in your family get their special items. 

COVID-19 Supplies 

  •     Hand sanitizer
  •     Disinfectants liquid or wipes
  •     Face Masks 

Crucial Phone Number

  •     Medical Emergency Number
  •     County emergency numbers
  •     Doctors number
  •     Bank number
  •     Evacuation site number 

Power Backup

  •     Portable generator 

Basic Supplies

  •     Paper Plates
  •     Non-perishable foods that can last for 7 days
  •     Beverages 
  •     Special dietary 
  •     Bottled water
  •     Napkins
  •     Can opener
  •     Plastic cups 
  •     Juices
  •     Baby foods (if present)
  •     Elderly foods (if present)

Up to Date Insurance cover for Hurricane Season

While the hurricane season can pass peacefully, there are times it comes with rage and destructive power. As such, having hurricane season insurance cover for some of your properties is essential. 

Final Take 

Checking every item on this list enhances your safety and that of your household during hurricane season. Thankfully, most of the items are easily accessible in general stores. What’s more, they are affordable and won’t hurt your savings that much. Unfortunately, buying power backup can be pretty hard due to the higher upfront investment. 

But even so, it’s something you can’t do without during erratic weather. Luckily, you can hire a generator in South Florida, Miami Area from Cooling Power Corp. This is an alternative means of having the power back without straining your budget. Therefore, reach out earlier and reserve one before they run out.