3 Benefits of Commercial Air Scrubber Rental in Miami

If you’re seeking a commercial air scrubber rental in Miami you’ve come to the right place! But first, what benefits can you expect from one of these machines?

Air scrubbers are built to remove contaminants, particles, and even odors. In fact, our air scrubbers offer 99.97% or higher capture efficiency for 0.3 micron particles. Air scrubbers are so good at what they do. In proof, they are employed to help clear the air after gas leaks and other toxic exposures.

Air scrubbers are essential following a gas leak or fire; or whenever air is filled with smoke, soot, gas, dust, mold spores, or other itty-bitty particulates related to construction or manufacturing.  Human skin particles and pet dander shed enough particles to negatively impact air quality overtime. That’s why just about any commercial or residential building could benefit from an air scrubber.

Why Are Air Scrubbers Important?

The Environmental Protection Agency ranks indoor pollution among its top 5 health concerns in our modern-day world.

Indoor air pollution is a serious problem that impacts peoples’ health in the home and workplace. Some industries battle fiercer indoor air pollution than others; say for instance, manufacturing plants. Yet, nearly every indoor setting poses a threat and contains some level of air pollution.

3 Benefits to Air Scrubbers

1. Air Scrubbers Help Prevent Illness & Protect Health

Air scrubbers remove viruses, bacteria, germs, toxins, and even mold from the air. It’s no wonder they can reduce your risk for getting sick. Air scrubbers can reduce employee sick days, and research shows direct correlations between workplace illnesses, employee satisfaction/turn-over rate and poor air quality.

2. Improves Employee & Customer Experience

Spending long periods of time with low quality oxygen can make your employees sick and less productive. Adding an air scrubber can improve employee wellbeing and health. It also puts a better appearance on for customers or potential partners that visit your location.

3. Improve Work Quality & Efficiency

Most people agree that their quality of work would suffer if they worked in an environment that made them feel sick, dizzy, or simply smelled bad. Breathing clean air makes employees feel better in many ways, and could even ease longstanding issues like a stuffy nose or afternoon headaches. As a result, employee morale increases, as does motivation, and the ability to get more work done.

Negative Air Machine Vs. Air Scrubber

These two terms are often used as one-in-the-same, but they are not the same thing. While they both serve the same purpose, they offer unique applications. An air scrubber is placed in the center of a room and includes no ducting attachments. Air is filtered through the machine and then recirculated into the space.

All air scrubbers can be used as negative air machines if you add ducting to them. Ducting requires a sealed housing, a variable speed blower motor, and exact airflow control. So, what is a negative air scrubber? Negative air scrubbers extract toxic air from one sealed area and transport it outside of the containment area. This process sparks a vacuum effect, or negative air pressure, that reduces the number of contaminants spread to other areas of the building.

In most cases, an air scrubber is equipped with ducting to be used as a negative air machine. This creates a vacuum pressure that more effectively traps and contains hazardous particles.

Air Scrubber Rental in Miami: Rent or Buy from Cooling Power!

Our reliable HEPPA-filtered negative air machines are used to improve indoor air quality in a wide variety of industries, from hospitals to commercial buildings.  Learn more about our HEPA-filtered equipment.