Negative Air Machines/ Air Scrubbers

Cooling Power negative air machines are reliable and easy to use units that help improve indoor environments in applications ranging from healthcare facilities to commercial buildings. Our high-quality equipment includes features designed to protect facility occupants from exposure to indoor air contaminants.

Our HEPA-filtered equipment isolates airborne particles within renovations, maintenance work areas, or construction sites and prevents them from transferring into other areas of the facility. These high-efficiency filtration systems are used to create negative pressure and capture potentially unsafe air contaminants during construction or renovation.

HEPA-AIRE® H2KMA Deluxe Model Negative Air Machine

The H2KMA negative air machines are the perfect units for contractors and business owners who want the very best in performance, reliability and quality.

HEPA-AIRE® PAS2400 Portable Air Scrubber

User-friendly features have made the PAS2400 Portable Air Scrubber a popular choice for capturing airborne particles during facility construction and renovation.

Applications Served

There is a high potential for unsafe particles, odors, mold, bacteria, and fungal spores to be released during restoration and mold remediation. Our systems are designed to remove these elements especially during and following the process of drying wet floors, furnishings, carpets, etc. Our HEPA-filtered equipment will remove these air contaminants that can have an adverse effect on the health of facility occupants and can reduce cleanup time and costs.

Cooling Power’s air scrubbers are furnished with pre-filters that remove large airborne debris, such as drywall dust, concrete dust, and sawdust. A final-stage HEPA filter capable eliminates microscopic particles and microbes such as fungal spores and bacteria. All of our HEPA filters are designed for maximum efficiency to ensure that it provides 99.97% or higher capture efficiency for 0.3 micron particles.

•    Colleges & universities
•    Corporate events
•    Film, music, & TV production
•    Government/ military buildings
•    Healthcare facilities
•    Hotels
•    Industrial & manufacturing plants
•    IT and data management firms
•    Large-scale construction and civil engineering projects
•    Municipalities

•    Offices/ warehouses
•    Pharmaceuticals
•    Renovations
•    Restaurants
•    Small to large businesses
•    Special occasions, tented events, backyard parties, etc.
•    Sporting events
•    Trade shows
•    Etc.