6 Tips to Throw the Perfect Outdoor Party in Bad Weather

6 Tips to Throw the Perfect Outdoor Party in Bad Weather

Want to throw the perfect outdoor party in South Florida but the weather isn’t on your side? Maybe it’s raining or windy, or perhaps the humidity is at an all-time high. We’ve got you covered with affordable and portable spot coolers, as well as generators to fuel all your party equipment. We have worked on so many different projects, from weddings to work events, we know firsthand how to throw a great party that everyone enjoys.

6 Tips to Throw a Successful Outdoor Party – Even in Bad Weather

#1. Don’t Forget Cool Air

The number one thing an outdoor party in South Florida requires? Cool air! You don’t want your guests sweating in misery and leaving early because they simply can’t take the heat for another moment. Not to mention, high heat and humidity can lead to other issues like spoiled food, melting cakes, and so forth. Setting your party up with the appropriate cooling equipment will make all the difference, especially when the weather is very hot and humid.

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Rest assured, a quality spot cooler is quiet and can be discreetly placed. You can even place the unit outside of the tent and use ducting to pull out hot air and move in cool air. Our spot coolers are rated at a sound level of 55 dB(A)—that’s quiet enough for an office setting.

#2. Rent a Tent

Don’t leave your guests out in the sun or rain. The best way to solve bad weather problems is to create a sheltered environment using a tent. This offers an enclosed space that you can heat or cool, as needed. In addition, it offers a space to decorate so that guests feel as though they’ve been transported to another world. Look for a safe and high-quality tent that is large enough to comfortably accommodate all of your guests.

#3. Make Sure You Have Enough Power

We’ve heard a horror story or two about the perfect outdoor party turned nightmare. Everyone is having a great time until suddenly all the lights go out, the DJ equipment cuts to silence, and everyone is left gasping in shock. That’s what happens when you don’t have enough power to supply the needs of your outdoor party.

Prior to picking out a generator(s), make sure to factor in every last ounce of power you will need. If it’s hot, remember that you’ll need more power to fuel portable AC equipment. If it’s dark and gloomy, you may need extra power to fuel more lights. From lighting to cooking equipment to the sound booth, all of these elements take up a certain amount of power that must be accounted for.

#4. Rent Equipment Approved for Outdoor Use

Make sure that any equipment that is outside and exposed to the elements is able to stand up to rain, wind, and heat without issue. You may need proper housing for certain equipment to prevent the weather from getting in the way of your outdoor party. 

#5. Plan Ahead

Start planning your outdoor event well ahead of time. The goal is to avoid an epic Fyre Festival catastrophe, in which you don’t have enough time to pull everything together. Always start planning ahead of the time you think you need to. This will give you enough time to tackle any challenges that pop up. Plus, then you can relax and enjoy the buildup to the party instead of rushing around trying to get everything done at the last minute.

#6. Work with Cooling Power

We are here to help you pull off the perfect outdoor party no matter how bad the weather is! After all, we have the experience to get it done. You can rely on our equipment and expertise. Need help deciding how much power your party needs, or how many portable spot coolers will sufficiently cool your tent? We are more than happy to help! Contact us today to learn more or to get a quote.