Cooling Power is a highly specialized provider of temporary spot coolers. Our spot coolers are the ideal cooling solution for small spaces that do not require large-scale air conditioning. A fleet of spot coolers can be quickly dispatched and delivered to a building to provide a comfortable, cool environment for those around.

We carry a wide array of air-cooled and water-cooled spot coolers ranging from 1 ton to 12 tons to meet your site conditions. These units are easy to use because they allow customers to control the unit on the spot by making adjustments as needed by the immediate surroundings.

Spot Coolers keep a low profile. With a sound level of 55 dB(A), these units are extremely quiet and therefore ideal for office settings. The heavy-duty casters on our equipment allow for easy movement from one location to another. No special expertise is needed to install these units thanks to their user-friendly design.

Cooling Power spot coolers can help our customers address emergencies, maximize production, and keep operations up and running when the heat is on.

Spot coolers are available for RENT or PURCHASE. Call or email us today for a quote

Air-Cooled & Water-Cooled Available

•    Large selection of units going from 1 ton to 10 tons
•    Voltages ranging from:
•    115 voltage / 1 pH / 60Hz
•    208 voltage / 1pH / 60 Hz
•    208 voltage / 3pH / 60 Hz
•    480 voltage / 3pH / 60 Hz
•    Built-in condensate pump and emergency shut-off
•    Used in conjunction with towers preventing water waste
•    Easily connectable to a standard 115 voltage outlet
•    Emergency response
•    Heat removed through water connection
•    Low profile
•    Quick-set up and take down
•    Supplemental cooling
•    User-friendly simple operation
•    Wide range of temperatures with thermostatic valve

What you can expect from your rental:
•    24/7 customer support
•    All necessary accessories
•    Instillation (upon request)
•    Load testing
•    On-site servicing
•    Rigorous pre- and post-operation inspection and maintenance

Applications Served:
•    Colleges & universities
•    Corporate events
•    Film, music, & TV production
•    Government/ military buildings
•    Healthcare facilities
•    Hotels
•    Industrial & manufacturing plants
•    IT and data management firms
•    Large-scale construction and civil engineering projects
•    Municipalities
•    Offices/ warehouses
•    Pharmaceuticals
•    Restaurants
•    Small to large businesses
•    Special occasions,  tented events, backyard parties, etc.
•    Sporting events
•    Trade shows
•    Etc.

To rent a portable, water-cooled spot cooler or to learn more about our temperature control solutions and equipment, call or email Cooling Power today.