Benefits of a Spot Cooler for Camping

Camping is a favorite summer activity for families and friends who gather at pristine camping areas for long weekends and weeklong vacations. While camping, friends and families can explore new areas, visit fun attractions, and all the great outdoors has to offer, especially here in Florida! Preparation is a key component of camping as tents, food, water, cooking supplies, and equipment has to be packed and prepped. 

The question of how you and your camping crew will keep cool on those hot summer days and nights is sure to come up as is the question of keeping food and beverages cool and fresh. Cooling Power Corp may have the answer you seek. Renting a spot cooler or two or three from Cooling Power Corp promises to keep you cool and comfortable as you enjoy your camping adventure. Here, the professionals at Cooling Power Corp share the benefits of renting a spot cooler for your summer camping trip(s)!

Enhancing Comfort

The heat and humidity of summer can be uncomfortable, especially when you are attempting to get a good night’s sleep in preparation for tomorrow’s adventure. Rather than sweating, tossing, and turning all night, you can take action to enhance your comfort while camping with a spot cooler. Renting a spot cooler will help you avoid discomfort as you enjoy the summer and all its fun activities. A spot cooler can also help boost everyone’s mood taking them from grumpy to happy in minutes.  The goal of a camping trip is for everyone to enjoy their time together, laughing and bonding. Spot coolers can make all the difference and help everyone enjoy the trip!

Keeping Food Safe

Food safety is important, especially while camping. When the weather is hot, all the items outdoors also warm up – including food and beverages. Without a way to keep things cool, you’ll be spending lots of time refilling coolers to keep food safe and fresh. Ice only last for so long, especially in Florida. A spot cooler can help you keep food safe for longer periods of time and keep drinks cool to help everyone stay hydrated and make the entire trip more enjoyable!

Staying Healthy

While on a summer camping trip, most of your time is spent enjoying outdoor activities – hiking, biking, surfing, river rafting, and more. You might even try four-wheeling, horseback riding, or rock climbing. Whatever you choose, you might find yourself or someone in your party facing the symptoms of heat exhaustion particularly when you can’t escape the heat even by heading back to your campsite. Renting a spot cooler can help you and your friends and family to stay cool, healthy, and avoid the potential for heat exhaustion day and night. A spot cooler can give everyone the opportunity to cool down after a hot but fun activity, providing comfort during the heat of summer camping trips.

Estimating How Many Spot Coolers to Rent 

It can be hard to estimate the number of spot coolers needed, but the expert team at Cooling Power Corp can help. If you need a spot cooler to keep food and beverages cool along with your friends and family, you will need at least two. If you have a large group of campers and tents, you may want one for each tent area. 

Keep in mind that spot coolers are measured in tons. You will need one ton of cooling capacity for every 150 square feet of space which is more than you would need inside where there are walls which keep air from escaping. Once you have decided to rent spot coolers for your next camping adventure, call on Cooling Power Corp to help you determine exactly what is needed for your trip.