Can Spot Coolers Save Your Business Money?

It might surprise you to learn spot coolers can actually save your company lots of money in both tangible and intangible ways. While saving your business dollars and taking pressure off your central air conditioning systems, spot coolers also save your company by welcoming and keeping customers cool and comfortable and improving employee morale and production high.

Most people believe humans to be quite resilient and able to easily handle high temperatures. To a point, this statement is true – humans can often handle more heat than they realize, but even so, it’s not a good idea to test it to the limit. Why? Everyday people become ill and many are hospitalized from overheating and exposure to unregulated high temperatures. Some even die as a result.  

Saving Money with Spot Coolers

Installing central air conditioning is expensive, but adding a spot cooler or portable AC unit is affordable. Plus, spot coolers used in conjunction with central air conditioning can help you cool off hot areas, like server rooms, in your business. Let’s explore all the ways spot coolers can save your business money.  

  • Keep Customers Comfortable, Happy, and Purchasing – People can go anywhere to do business, but as a business owner your goal is to convince them to visit and spend money with your company. Customers who enter your business only to be greeted by heat and humidity will likely go elsewhere. Spot coolers can help your air conditioning keep customer areas cool and also keep your space comfortable in the midst of an AC crisis. 
  • Enhance Employee Productivity and Morale – Much like your customers, your employees want to be kept cool and comfortable, or they may seek employment elsewhere. Providing a comfortable and healthy environment, not only shows you care about your team members but also keeps their productivity and morale high which increases the opportunity for business success. You don’t want your employees to overheat and become ill, bringing productivity to a halt! Spot coolers keep employees cool, comfortable, healthy, and working at capacity – all great for your bottom line.  
  • Taking Care of Costly Equipment – Spot coolers can keep expensive equipment from overheating. If your business has a server room or operates specialized technology, the risk of equipment overheating and shutting down is a reality. Spot coolers keep temperatures regulated and equipment and machinery operating at full capacity avoiding the expense of damaged equipment and lost data which comes with steep costs.
  • Increased Comfort with NO Installation Costs – Even with central air conditioning installed, portable spot coolers can help to reduce energy costs and keep your customers and employees more comfortable. Plus spot coolers are available with no installation costs which means your business instantly saves money avoiding the thousands of dollars needed for the installation of new central air conditioning. Spot coolers can even take on the hottest areas in your building, like server rooms and other spaces where the latest technology heats up the room.  
  • Decrease Allergens and Other Contaminants – Spot coolers actually help filter the air in your business, which means better air quality for those inside. As a result, allergens, germs, and other contaminants are reduced, meaning employees and customers are healthier and happier.  
  • Keep Costs Down with Programmable Settings – Spot coolers can be programmed to turn on and off as needed. The result  – decreased cooling bills along with a cool, comfortable environment whenever employees and customers arrive. 

Is Your Business Ready for a Spot Cooler? 

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