Can You Rent a Negative Air Scrubber?

Yes, you can rent a negative air scrubber. There are many reasons that you could benefit from renting an air scrubber instead of buying one. In this article, we will cover all that there is to know about renting a negative air scrubber.

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Short Answer:

Yes, you can rent a high-quality negative air scrubber at a fair rate. It is usually far more affordable to rent a negative air machine than it is to buy one, especially if you only need it temporarily or need multiple air scrubbers for one job.

What Do Negative Air Scrubbers Do?

Negative air scrubbers are often viewed as a temporary necessity. They are commonly used during renovations because of all the pollutants that get into the air with this kind of work. Below, we will cover more on what these products do.

  • Catch Airborne Particles

There are so many airborne particles that are difficult, if not impossible, for the human eye to see. Even though they may not be visible, these airborne particles drastically impact air quality and can make people very sick, less productive, and so forth. An air scrubber does an incredibly effective job filtering out many particles so that the air is clean and healthy.

  • Fight Against Unseen Predators

Air scrubbers remove mold, bacteria, fungal spores, and other particles that find their way into our air. Breathing these things can cause a whole array of problems. It should go without saying that you don’t want to constantly be breathing in mold, bacteria, and so on. Thankfully, a negative air scrubber can remove these particles. They can also remove bad odors with the appropriate filter.

  • Improve Air Quality

When airborne particles find their way into our air, we must clean them up. The human body needs oxygen to survive – and that oxygen should be free of harmful pollutants like mold. Therefore, air scrubbers help to improve air quality as well as your overall health.

3 Benefits of Renting a Negative Air Scrubber

Before you decide whether or not to rent a negative air scrubber, there are some factors to keep in mind. Below, we will cover some of the most noteworthy benefits of renting a negative air scrubber.

#1. Less Expensive

For starters, renting is almost always more affordable than buying. Therefore, consider how often you intend to use a negative air scrubber. If it is once or twice a year, renting is likely cheaper. Renting may even be cheaper if you plan to use a negative air machine more often than this, let’s say you need more than one machine to clean a space.

#2. All the Benefits of Owning

When you rent a high-quality air scrubber, you can immediately receive the benefits of an expensive machine for only a fraction of the cost. This is why many people will rent an air scrubber. It allows them to use a high-quality machine that would otherwise impede their budget. 

#3. Keep Storage Space Open

Your janitor’s closet is probably already brimmed full of things like vacuum cleaners, chemicals, brooms, and so on. Adding a negative air scrubber will only serve to take up more space. Therefore, carefully consider whether or not this is worth having around. If you only use it once in a blue moon, then it might be best to rent.

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