Cost-Effective Commercial Cooling Options

Two concerns anyone has when purchasing an air conditioning unit are saving energy and money. We would love to help you find more cost-effective commercial cooling options. Wondering how to best supply your commercial building with the proper air conditioning? If so, continue reading to gain expert advice and insights about how much power the average commercial building uses, and how you can reduce utilization. 

Commercial Power Usage

Commercial buildings can be a large source of energy usage purely because of their size. On average, 40% of energy costs for commercial buildings are from heating and cooling systems. This is an absurd amount; anyone in charge of an office building can tell you as much. However, this is a cost that cannot be avoided.

Heating and cooling are essential to the happiness of your workers. No one enjoys working in a building that’s too hot or too cold, so a regulated temperature is key when thinking of what kind of heating and cooling systems you want to purchase. Plus, a temperature controlled building is key to the safety of equipment, such as servers or computers.

On the other hand, the amount of power a commercial building uses cuts into the overall profit of the business residing in that building. Therefore, investing in a cost-effective system can greatly benefit your business.

One potential cost that may not initially spring to mind is the cost of installation. More complicated cooling systems cost more to install, so it’s important to find a simple system capable of cooling your space. According to, researchers of advanced HVAC systems estimate the price of these kinds of systems can save you an enormous amount of money in the long run. Not only will your system be able to cool large areas, and be energy-efficient, but it’ll also keep your costs to a minimum.

Over the years, developments in cooling technology continue to better service for the lower costs. Though these systems are still in development in some cases, the technology necessary to provide cooling systems to commercial buildings at an affordable cost do exist.

Tips to Help You Save Money on Commercial Cooling Systems

We have some tips for how you can lower costs and energy usage in your commercial building. Don’t let cooling put a damper on your budget—we want to help you save money wherever possible.

One of the best items you can invest in is a spot cooler. Our spot coolers are a great way to save money cooling your commercial building. Available in a range of sizes, a spot cooler is perfect for smaller spaces that give off a lot of heat. For instance, a crowded office or server room is a great space for a spot cooler. That way, you can adjust the temperature of the room in accordance to localized needs, as opposed to running your central air all day and night.

Our spot coolers tend to be easier to use than more complicated systems. It’s easy to adjust the temperature, air flow, and placement all on your own. They’re also exceptionally quiet, so they won’t bother workers while running.

Also, spot coolers do not use coils. Chilling coils are a common function of air conditioners, but the energy used by these coils is significantly more than systems that do not use coils. Our spot coolers remove heat in the air through water connection; they’re also used with towers that are built to prevent water waste. This method is far more cost-efficient and uses less energy.

Overall, if you want to keep a commercial building as chilled as possible, the best way to keep costs low and energy usage slim is to research which systems are built to fit your needs. Contact us today to learn more!