Do You Need a Water-Cooled Portable Air Conditioner?

Do You Need a Water-Cooled Portable Air Conditioner?

Water-cooled portable air conditioners are beneficial for interiors that are short on space, get very hot, or offer no way to vent hot air outside of the enclosed space. Water-cooled air conditioners must be hooked up to a water source because they contain a pool of water that is used to cool off hot air sucked from a room.

What is a water-cooled air conditioner?

A water-cooled system removes heat from a space and moves it to water where it is released through a drain line. Water is generally fed through a flexible high pressure hose that can be connected to any water source, such as a sink.

On the other hand, air-cooled air conditioner pumps generate a lot of excess heat that must be dispelled outside through a vent or duct. If this heat is not removed, the AC is virtually working for no reason. Air-cooled AC units rely on a fan to cool the compressor and remaining hot air is channeled outside. As their name suggests, water-cooled air conditioners rely on water to cool the compressor.

When are water-cooled air conditioners used?

  • Water-cooled portable air conditioners are commonly used in sealed buildings or enclosed spaces where there is nowhere to duct heat collected through an air-cooled system and transfer it out of the space. Water-cooled units cool heat internally and so they don’t need a system to expel heat into a different area. 
  • If there is limited space for AC units; water-cooled units tend to be smaller than air-cooled systems.
  • In very hot areas that reach 100 degrees F or hotter on a regular basis, such as server rooms. Since water-cooled systems offer greater cooling capacity per amp of power, they work more efficiently to reduce high temperatures.

5 Benefits to Portable Water-Cooled Air Conditioners

#1. No Negative Air Pressure

Water-cooled air conditioners produce no negative air pressure in the space they are tasked to cool off.

#2. Portable & Compact 

Both air-cooled and water-cooled systems are compact and portable. Water-cooled units are equipped with a flexible hose that allows greater portability. It’s easy to move units around as needed. You do not need to attach a hose if you are setting up the unit with a cooling tower.

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#3. No Tank to Empty

You don’t have to empty a condensate tank because water-cooled units have built-in pumps.

#4. More Energy Efficient than Air-Cooled AC

Water-cooled portable AC units utilize less electricity per ton of cooling than air-cooled systems.

#5. Hotter Temps? No Problem!

Water cooled systems can operate in hotter ambient temperatures. That’s why they are often used for industrial applications like server or computer rooms. They also have greater cooling capacity per amp of power. As a result, they work more efficiently to reduce temperatures in areas that reach 100 degrees F or hotter. 

Water-Cooled Vs. Air-Cooled Portable AC Systems

There’s no denying that air-cooled systems make a better option in some cases; and they are the only option if there is no access to water. Even if there is access to water, some people don’t want to add water lines to a room. Air-cooled air conditioners offer benefits of their own. We are more than happy to help you decide which is the best option for you.

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