Cooling Power cooling towers provide high-volume water cooling through cooling pumps. We offer a variety of open-cell cooling tower rental options to suit your condenser/ process water needs. This equipment is designed to be quickly transported to locations with unplanned outages or emergency maintenance repairs. We can help our customers maximize production, address emergencies, and keep operations running smoothly when heat becomes a problem. Our portable cooling towers are designed to reduce or eliminate the down time associated with natural disasters or other unpredictable situations. Our reliable and efficient temperature equipment serves to provide a quick solution to any water cooling requirements. All cooling tower rentals are fully functional in single and multi-unit arrangements. Generally, our team is capable of installing the equipment without disrupting existing operations.

•    Large selection of units going from 8 tons to 1,000 tons
•    Can be used in conjunction with water-cooled air conditioners
•    Easy operation
•    Emergency response
•    Fully functional in single and multi-unit arrangements
•    HVAC Comfort Cooling Applications
•    Industrial/ specific operating conditions
•    Low profile
•    Planned outages and turn-around projects
•    Process cooling
•    Quick-set up and take down
•    Refinery and chemical production projects
•    Skid-mounted/ Trailer-mounted for fast delivery and rapid placement
•    Standby services
•    Supplemental cooling
•    Testing requirements

What you can expect from your rental:
•    24/7 customer support
•    All necessary accessories
•    Instillation (upon request)
•    Load testing
•    On-site servicing
•    Rigorous pre- and post-operation inspection and maintenance

Applications Served:
•    Colleges & universities
•    Corporate events
•    Film, music, & TV production
•    Government/ military buildings
•    Healthcare facilities
•    Hotels
•    Industrial & manufacturing plants
•    IT and data management firms
•    Large-scale construction and civil engineering projects
•    Municipalities
•    Offices/ warehouses
•    Pharmaceuticals
•    Restaurants
•    Small to large businesses
•    Special occasions, tented events, backyard parties, etc.
•    Sporting events
•    Trade shows
•    Etc.

To rent a portable, cooling tower or to learn more about our temperature control solutions and equipment, call or email Cooling Power today.