Overview of the Cooling Equipment You Need for An Emergency or Temporary Situation

Overview of the Cooling Equipment You Need for An Emergency or Temporary Situation

Knowing the equipment your facility requires in an emergency or temporary situation can make all the difference in reducing downtime and improving your bottom line. Each business has their own unique requirements and so the same solution that works for your neighbor may not be the best solution for you. That’s why we have created a series of questions that’ll help you decide upon the best equipment for your business.

Can You Duct Air Out of Your Location?


If the answer is yes, then you likely need an air-cooled unit.

An air-cooled spot cooler pushes air over coils instead of using water. That means you don’t need to be hooked up to a water system. Although, you will need to duct air out of the space.


If the answer is no, then a water-cooled unit may be the ideal solution for your application.

Water-cooled units are commonly used in areas with high heat. They must be connected to a water source to operate, they also require a drain. This makes them less portable than an air-cooled unit, but they offer greater efficiency and can effectively cool higher temperatures.

Learn more about water cooled vs air cooled spot coolers

What Power Source Do You Hook Up To?

120V or less – You require a one- to two-ton air cooled or water-cooled air conditioner unit.

220 v or more – You require a two- to five-ton air-cooled or water-cooled air conditioner unit.

Need to add more power? If your building is not equipped to offer the necessary power to cool it off, there are solutions you can employ. Contact us to learn more!

What Are You Cooling?

An outdoor space

Cooling an outdoor space, such as a large tented party, doesn’t have to be complicated. There are coolers made specifically for outdoor environments, such as evaporative coolers. There are a variety of factors to assess to determine the right sized spot cooler for an outdoor event – such as the presence of lighting, number of people, and so forth. Units can be placed outside of the tent with ducts running inside so that they do not interfere with style.

Large spaces

When cooling a large space, you may benefit from a skid/trailer mounted AC unit that has the capability to cool off very large spaces with great efficiency. This is an ideal option for large warehouses and hospitals, along with a number of other applications.

A space that gets humid

High humidity levels are bad for workers as well as technical equipment found in server rooms and other environments. High humidity can cause electronics to shut down, break, and even lose vital information. In addition, it can lead to damaging corrosion.

Luckily, a portable spot cooler can be used to reduce humidity levels while also cooling off the ambient air temperature. That’s because dehumidifiers and portable AC units are equipped with a similar list of components and can work interchangeably to get the job done.

Cooling Power Will Keep You Cool

At Cooling Power, we offer a wide range of cooling units – from one-ton to 12-ton units, and everything in between. As a result, we can meet your cooling needs with ease. Our top of the line machines are quiet, easy to install, and boast a user-friendly design. Plus, we offer the option to rent or buy units, renting is the perfect option for temporary or emergency situations.