Take This Quiz to Find Out if Your Business Could Benefit from Spot Coolers

Take This Quiz to Find Out if Your Business Could Benefit from Spot Coolers

Are you debating adding spot coolers to your business but remain unsure if the benefits will pay off or not? Take this quiz to help determine if installing spot coolers is an economical option for your business.

What are Spot Coolers & Who Needs One?

A spot cooler is a portable air conditioner that is focused on cooling one space, as opposed to central AC systems that are focused on cooling entire buildings at once. Even buildings with quality central AC systems can benefit from spot coolers. Spot coolers are most commonly used in buildings where cooling needs fluctuate from room-to-room, say for instance in a hotel room or server/equipment room. 

Spot coolers are also used as backup when other cooling systems fail or must be shut down. They serve both temporary and permanent applications. They are commonly used in server rooms or other rooms that house equipment. Since equipment centers generate a lot of heat, it’s crucial that the room remains at the right temperature to prevent a fire, overheating, or complete breakdown of equipment. Spot coolers maintain appropriate temperatures without taxing central AC systems.

Will Your Business Benefit from Spot Coolers?

Take the quiz below to find out!  Keep track of your answers by giving yourself 1 point for every answer A, 3 points for every answer B, and 2 points for C.

1. Does your building have air conditioning?

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Yes, but it doesn’t work very well

2. Are you trying to cool a server room or equipment room that generates a lot of heat?

  1. No
  2. Yes
  3. Kind-of/sort of/only at certain times of the year

3. If your energy bill through the roof?

  1. No
  2. Yes
  3. Sometimes

4. Do you only need AC in some rooms, but in the process, are forced to cool areas that are not in use?

  1. No
  2. Yes, all the time
  3. Yes, this happens sometimes

5.  Do your customers or employees ever complain about being hot? Or show noticeable signs of being hot; sweating, pitting out, etc.

  1. Not a problem
  2. Yes
  3. Only during the summer

6. Would you like to be able to move spot coolers to different rooms as needed?

  1. No, not even sure when I’d do that.
  2. I’d love to cool different rooms based upon current usage.
  3. That might be helpful, but I’d probably leave it the same spot most of the time.

Tally Up Your Results!

For every A, give yourself 1 point

For every B, give yourself 3 points

For every C, give yourself 2 points

13- 18 points

Yes, a spot cooler could offer your business valuable benefits!

It’s clear to see from your quiz results that a spot cooler could benefit you in several ways. Spot coolers can help you save money while efficiently concentrating efforts where they are needed. They also offer a more cost-effective solution to older buildings that do not have central AC systems.

7-12 points

Maybe a spot cooler will offer benefits, especially at certain times of the year.   

If you only need spot coolers at certain times of the year, say for instance when it gets really hot in summertime, renting spot coolers offers an economical solution. We offer a variety of spot coolers for rent; learn more here. https://coolingpowercorp.com/our-services/cooling/spot-coolers/

6 or less points

Looks like you’re cool as cucumber already!

Still think you need a spot cooler? You could very well be right. Contact us today and we are more than happy to assess your situation and provide you with the most effective, efficient and affordable options.