The Benefits of a Spot Cooler for your Business

Here in South Florida, while beautiful, the weather is often hot and humid. For those who live and work in the area, when the air conditioning fails, it is easy for misery to set in, particularly in the workplace. If you are a business owner in the greater Miami area, you have probably seen it happen, with less than happy employees and lost revenue from customers who have headed for cooler options. All this can be avoided through the rental of spot coolers while you air conditioning is being repaired or replaced.

A spot cooler can prevent loss revenue by keeping customer comfortable, and employees happy during your air conditioner’s down time. In fact, here in South Florida, spot cooler can also be helpful on the hottest days, even when your air conditioner is functioning but just can’t seem to keep up. Let’s explore the benefits of Spot Coolers for your business.

  • Spot coolers are convenient. Spot coolers work well in most work environments – from classrooms to offices, stores to restaurants, hospitals to server rooms, and more. Spot coolers operate quietly, so they won’t interrupt employees, teachers, students, customers, patrons, personnel, or patients. Spot coolers, once set up, don’t need to be monitored.
  • Spot coolers are adaptable. Spot coolers have adjustable vents allowing you to control the air flow and direct it where it is needed most. Many spot coolers are easily moveable, allowing you to position them in various places in your workplace. Plus,  because they have programmable thermostats, you can adjust the temperature as needed and control when it turns on or off. This means you can program it to turn on before employees arrive and turn off automatically when your business is closed.
  • Spot coolers keep customers coming. Competition is tough in virtually every industry, so keeping your customers happy when they walk through the doors is crucial. Spot coolers keep your business cool and inviting, and your customers comfortable and spending money with you, rather than taking their business elsewhere when you air conditioning is out.
  • Spot coolers keep employees cool and productive. Today’s employees want to be provided with a comfortable environment and when your air conditioning fails, providing that comfort falls short resulting in lowered moral and decreased productivity. Spot coolers can help you avoid all that, by keeping employees cool and comfortable, as well as more productive, and positively affecting your bottom line.
  • Spot coolers protect equipment. If technology is a crucial part of your business, like a server room for example, spot coolers can prevent equipment from overheating and shutting down. Spot coolers keep temperatures regulated, making them ideal for environments where equipment and machinery can overheat and malfunction as a result.
  • Spot coolers help maintain air quality. Since spot coolers filter the air being cooler, operating one or more can reduce allergens and contaminants in the air, thus benefitting the health of your employees and your customers.
  • Spot coolers can save you money. You already know spot coolers keep employees productive and customers coming into your business,  as well as protecting your equipment, thus supporting a positive bottom line. But spot coolers also save you money in other ways. For example, renting a spot cooler keeps your business operating as normal when your air conditioning breaks down or needs replacing. On top of that, with a spot cooler there is no cost for installation, because renting a spot cooler requires no initial investment (unlike an air conditioning unit).  Plus, a spot cooler can increase the effectiveness of your central air conditioning, decreasing your energy bills and keeping your office more comfortable.

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