Industrial Generator Rental

Our Generator Rental service offers a wide range of portable, diesel generators from 30 kW to 2,000 kW, perfect for providing emergency backup, efficient power solutions for events, and operational support during outages, complete with 24/7 customer support and comprehensive planning services.

  • 24/7 Availability For Emergencies
  • BRINGING 15+ Years of Experience
  • Hassle Free Rental Of INdustrial Equipment
  • Serving South Florida For Decades

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    Dependable Power Solutions for Every Situation

    Cooling Power Corp offers an extensive range of portable, diesel generators, ensuring your business or event has a reliable power source when you need it most. Specializing in rapid response and installation, our experienced technicians can diagnose and customize solutions for temporary interruptions, seasonal outages, or disaster recoveries. Whether you're planning for an event or navigating an unforeseen power failure, our generators, ranging from 30 kW to 2,000 kW, provide the emergency backup and efficiency necessary to keep your operations running smoothly.

    Benefits of Our Generator Rentals

    • Diverse Selection: From 30 kW to 2,000 kW, our generators cater to all power requirements.
    • Emergency Backup: Reliable power ensures your operations stay functional in any scenario.
    • Efficiency: High-efficiency systems minimize fuel consumption while maximizing output.
    • Quick and Easy: Trailer-mounted units allow for rapid deployment and easy operation.
    • Comprehensive Support: Includes 24/7 customer support, load testing, and on-site servicing.

      Hurricane Contingency Plan: The Generator Reservation Program

      In Florida's hurricane season, securing a generator before it's too late is crucial. Our Hurricane Contingency Plans provide unmatched value and peace of mind, guaranteeing the right generator for your needs during emergencies. Avoid the stress and high costs associated with last-minute rentals by joining The Hurricane Ready Club.

      How It Works

      • Reserve Early: Secure your generator before June 1st, the start of the hurricane season.
      • Fixed Rental Fees: With a starting reserve fee of $1,000, avoid peak emergency surcharges and guarantee standard rental rates.
      • Guaranteed Availability: Ensure you have a generator when you need it most, with adequate time for setup and planning.

      Advantages of Pre-Reservation

      • Cost Savings: Evade emergency surcharge rates by locking in your generator ahead of time.
      • Guaranteed Preparedness: Reservation guarantees your generator's setup before the storm hits, ensuring reliability when it matters most.
      • Expert Planning: Benefit from a site evaluation by our professionals to choose the proper generator and setup, including the installation of Auto or Manual Transfer Switches for seamless power transition.

      Comprehensive Pre-Storm Preparation

      Reserving your generator allows for a detailed planning process, ensuring your facility is ready and your generator is optimally positioned and fueled. Our professional evaluations and preparation services include setting up the appropriate transfer switch, minimizing downtime, and securing your operations against potential losses.

      Get in Touch

      For more information on our generator rentals or to enroll in our Hurricane Contingency Plan, contact Cooling Power Corp today. Ensure your business is hurricane-ready with our reliable power solutions and expert support. Reserve your generator before June 1st to qualify for our comprehensive emergency preparedness program.

      Industrial Equipment Rental

      Large Generators, A/C Equipment, Spot Coolers and more!

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